Welcome to my notebook pages


This is my first note to you from my studio - at least in a long time. 

You may have already visited my website and seen my artwork online or in a gallery, or heard my work live at readings, lectures, on radio broadcasts, in magazines and books... or maybe you haven't yet! Anyway, I used to write regular posts, but I realise now that these were really paintings or sculptures themselves - only with words! which is all very fine, but I realised - and a friend prompted me  - thank you Lola! -  that people want to know more, more of the 'nuts and bolts', such as: what the work is about, the materials involved, see the making of it, studio life, influences, etc  

So think of these posts as very short gallery talks by the artist, but more intimate. 

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you'd rather not receive these posts anytime and for whatever reason - you don't have to explain - I unsubscribe, resubscribe, and subscribe often! 

I look forward to writing my next post to you, and reveal a little more about my work and art practice. 

Best wishes,

Susie David 


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