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  "Inspiration will come, but it has to find you working" -  Picasso This is me, working in my studio with white spirit - hence the face mask! It gets quite hot and uncomfortable in my mask but protects me from the fumes so I put up with it. When this corona virus first appeared in the UK I used one of my studio masks to go out shopping in, but realised it looked a bit freaky to people, so covered it with fake flowers. It looked good and got voted 'Best Mask' by both Morrisons, Tescos, and Coop staff (unofficially of course) but I'll take that.  I am back to a more conventional mask now when I go out to the shops, which is great because I can see what I'm buying now! as I don't have to struggle to see over the flower border!  I don't go out much anyway(though you've probably guessed that already judging by the face attire!), I mean, I go to the sea more than 'out out'. I swim most days, though it is midday and I am still not warmed up from