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What's a typical day like?

  Susie! Hello! It’s Tom from Red Propeller, how’re you doing? As well as providing us with frankly stunning artwork to sell, I was hoping you’d be able to answer a few questions for me? Little nuggets of information for people to chew on, get to know the pieces a bit better, and yourself a bit better! I think it’d go a long way in connecting people to the art, the artists, and the gallery. Please, feel free to be as verbose or succinct as you’d like, completely up to you. (And feel free to pick and choose the questions, answer all of them if you want, or just a few, it’s all good!) Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best Tom What/who inspires you? (Day to day, in your work, anything you like!) Sea, river, stream, spring, vortex, pool, puddle, rain, hail, spill, splash, tide, rip, current, backwash, ice, tap, leak, gutter, gush, flow, flood, tears,... The irreverence and the joy that is Water. What’s a typical working day like? I usually get up at 7 to practice yoga, then aft

Elemental tissue

A sense of wonder and fresh awareness in being alive and in this very moment while being entwined with our world around us is central to my working process. When I enter the sea i am part of it. there is an interchange, a communication, a communion, that goes on. I have no proof of this and I can't explain it. I keep trying to word it though. Not that it needs wording, and maybe that is the point; that it is something that is beyond words. Heck, this seems as if I'm talking about the Tao! And we all know, that the Tao cannot be put into words. I think the point is it is meant to remain tangible yet out of reach of the rational.  I have just come across an exciting article in Aeon online magazine by Dan Nixon, writer for The Times among other papers, and he brings Merleau Ponty together with David Abrams and Paul Valery to point out the embodied experience of being. Thank you Dan. Here are some delicious quotes from it that resonate within my work:  Citing the French poet Paul V